Our Why

To achieve the same impact in the digital world that the Curb Cut Effect caused in the physical world.

“The Curb Cut Effect is the phenomenon of disability-friendly features being used and appreciated by a larger group than the people they were designed for.

The phenomenon is named for curb cuts – miniature ramps comprising parts of sidewalk – which were first made for wheelchair access in particular places, but are now universal and no longer widely recognized as a disability-accessibility feature. With wide use, accessibility is a boon to all people.”

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Woman with signs of disability who demonstrates with her own hands of like

Our Story

‍What if someone you loved could only access 3.9% of the Internet?

For one of the founders, whose siblings live with disabilities, that startling scenario is a reality and what gave rise to a company known as Nebula Media Group.

From its humble beginning to what is now known as curbcutOS several things never changed – our tireless commitment to delivering a true digital accessibility solution suite, and ensuring that the letter “A” for Accessibility is added to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

Our Values

Do The Right Thing
  • Authentic
  • Transparent
  • Empowering
Customer Obsessed
  • Always deliver value
  • A phenom user experience
  • Be empathic
Communicate Like a Legend
  • Open-minded
  • Always listening and learning
  • Collaborative
Build a Legacy
  • Accountable
  • Continuous improvement
  • Passionate
A group of women who joined hands

Leadership Team

A team that possesses over 20-years of combined experience in Digital Accessibility and the Industries we serve to deliver a memorable experience, growth opportunities, and what matters most - peace of mind.
Tom Jenkins
Content Manager
A team member - Inyang Umoh the Chief Technology Officer
Inyang Umoh
Chief Technology Officer
Will Bubenik
Chief Accessibility Officer
Sasha Salomon
Project Coordinator
Reyna Occeno
Project Manager
Mark Pound
Chief Executive Officer
Antonio Codilla
Project Manager
Jay Mena
Chief Marketing Officer

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