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Regardless of where you are in your journey, our suite of accessibility services and passionate team solve your compliance needs seamlessly.


Compliance creates opportunity.  We help you capture a new market and increase revenue without compromising your brand.

Your digital accessibility journey

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Where we help you find your way: What brought you here? What do you want to achieve? How can we help you meet your goals? Aside from asking the right questions, we help craft an approach that solves the now and prepares you for the future.
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Step 2


Where all the pieces come together: Accessibility may seem like a confusing thousand-piece puzzle to wrap your head around. We help you assemble it into a clear road map with a plan of action that paves a smooth road toward reaching your objectives.
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Where it all comes to life: It looks great on paper, but now it’s time to execute the plan of action. With our experienced team of ADA specialists in the driver’s seat, you can take a deep breath, enjoy the experience, and have peace of mind knowing we will get you where you need to go.
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Software widgets and overlays will not help you meet your accessibility goals. Dedicated experts in your corner make all the difference – from making sure you attain and maintain compliance to capturing the opportunities it creates.
- Will Bubenik, Chief Accessibility Officer

What they say about us

I highly recommend curbcutOS (formerly known as Nebula Media Group) for digital accessibility! They did an amazing job in handling our mobile application needs. As a pharmacy for blind users, it was critical that our application was not only accessible to them but also for those who had caregivers. Everyone on the team was knowledgeable, simplified the complexities involved, and made sure we achieved our objectives on time.
Andy B., Founder/CEO, Accessible pharmacy
I highly recommend Will and his team to anyone with a large-scale digital accessibility project. They were excellent to work with for our website accessibility needs on both technical and branding aspects across multiple divisions with different criteria.Not only are they knowledgeable and patient, they made the process simple and approachable by guiding us through a road map style process to ensure we not only attained accessibility but more importantly maintained it without sacrificing our brand.
Alyssa H.G., Communications/Marketing and Literary Arts Manager for Utah Division of Arts & Museums.
Having worked with many accessibility companies, the CurbCutOS team (formerly known as Nebula Media Group) has been a truly refreshing experience! From communications to project management and deliverables, their attention to detail and quality has made it easy for us to deliver exceptional accessibility services to our clients. We have since grown from one into multiple projects with them and look forward to many more.
Elizabeth A., CEO, LunarLab

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