Help us Make the Internet the Best It Can Be

  • Do you have a Disability or know someone that does?  We do!  
  • Are you tired of Digital Content (websites, apps, and content) not being accessible?  We are!
  • Would you like to be a preferred equity owner in a company changing it?  We thought so!

Welcome to CurbCutOS - a digital accessibility company focused on achieving the same impact in the digital world that the curb cut effect phenomena caused in the physical world. We believe everyone should have an equal and enjoyable digital experience. Our purpose is to empower people with disabilities by amplifying their voice and enabling companies with our proprietary “true” turnkey digital accessibility solution suite to connect to an ignored $1.2 trillion dollar market.

Help us achieve Our Purpose

We are offering our disability community an opportunity to own part of a company that exists for us.

Invest in our public preferred equity offering. It’s simple.  For as little as $200 up to $10,000 or more you will become an equity owner with preferred liquidation rights, help us achieve our goals, and become part of an empowering movement!  

Funded: 8.0%

“Whether someone was  born with a disability or ended up with one, they shouldn't be disadvantaged as well–everyone deserves to enjoy the journey of life.” Mark Pound, CEO

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